Premium Nailstrip Cladding Supply & Installation

Premium Nailstrip Cladding Supply & Installation

Nailstrip Cladding Melbourne

Choosing the right architectural cladding is a big decision. If you want a good-looking option that’s also affordable without sacrificing quality, take a look at Nailstrip cladding by Claddco.

We are seasoned professionals specialising in supply and installation of premium metal cladding. With over 20yrs of expertise in the field, we possess a deep understanding of unique requirements of each property, enabling us to recommend and install the perfect cladding profile. Whether you want to install Nailstrip cladding in Melbourne for residential, commercial, or industrial property, our experts are dedicated to delivering exceptional results every time. With us, you get:

Connect with our consultants at Claddco., and we can work together towards elevating architectural aesthetics through our premier Nailstrip cladding profiles.

The Claddco. Difference

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Transforming Properties with Nailstrip Cladding

As a proudly 100% Australian-owned and operated business, we possess the intimate understanding of local landscape, enabling us to offer tailored solutions that seamlessly align with your surroundings. Among our array of metal cladding profiles, Nailstrip cladding shines for its elegant simplicity. It is also popular among owner-builders for its ability to achieve an architectural aesthetic without the complexity of intricate installation processes. Nailstrip wall cladding shares attributes with standing seam cladding, yet its concealed fasteners and interlocking panels impart it a sleek and unbroken appearance.

When you choose us for Nailstrip wall cladding installation, you’re guaranteed the highest quality product sourced from Colorbond cladding, the most reliable manufacturer of cladding materials. Colorbond materials are tested and developed to withstand Australian weather conditions, ensuring longevity and durability. In addition to superior quality, the Nailstrip wall cladding in Melbourne also offers an expansive colour range. Colorbond offers a range of 22 colours, including Paperbark, Shale Grey, Dune, Night Sky, Cottage Green and many more. To learn more about the design range of Nailstrip wall cladding supply and installation, reach out to our consultants today!


Our Projects

Premium Nailstrip Wall & Roofing Solutions

Nail strip wall cladding embodies clean aesthetics, versatility, durability, low maintenance and cost-effective pricing. Whether you seek cladding options for your residence or commercial property, opting for Nailstrip cladding can offer you a striking architectural finish without the complicated installation procedure.
Colorbond’s nailstrip wall cladding material is available in a rib height of 25 or 38 mm. You can also pick from the diverse widths and ensure that the result resonates with your vision. When you entrust us with Nailstrip wall cladding installation. you can expect:
Quick Installation: Nailstrip is lightweight and doesn’t require specialised tools for installation, thereby making the process quicker.
Appealing Looks: Concealed fixings make the surface smooth, showcasing a dynamic visual impact.
Design flexibility: By installing it vertically, diagonally, or horizontally or using a mix of all, we can create designs that deliver a personalised look.
Durability: The materials sourced from Colorbond are non-combustible, fire- and wind-resistant, and fungal- and termite-resistant, making it built to last.
Low Maintenance: To maintain the long-lastingness of your nail strip wall cladding in Melbourne, all you need to do is strip away the nearby branches and use nominal cleaning tools such as a soft-bristled broom.
To uphold the aesthetics and functionality of your nail strip wall cladding in Melbourne,reach out to our representatives for assistance.

Trusted Nailstrip Cladding Suppliers in Melbourne

At Claddco., we prioritise offering tailored solutions to our clients, following a meticulous process:
Give us a call to discuss our service further. You can call us at 433502819 or 0434 666 274, or send us an email at


Nailstrip cladding, crafted with precision and using Colorbond materials, is exceptionally durable, ensuring resilience against Melbourne's diverse weather conditions. However, the exact lifespan will be determined by factors such as material used, maintenance and climate.
Absolutely. Nailstrip Cladding offers a high degree of customisation, allowing for diverse design requirements. The availability of various panel widths ensures flexibility, enabling architects and builders to tailor the cladding to specific project needs, achieving a unique and personalised visual impact.
Nailstrip cladding in Melbourne boasts a low-maintenance design, providing peace of mind for installers and property owners alike. Once installed, routine maintenance is minimal. All you need to do is trim the branches that may scratch the surface and clean the stains with a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush.
We get our nail strip wall cladding material from Colorbond, who use galvanised steel treated with zinc substrate for the base layer. They then treat the steel with anti-corrosion and weather-resistant paint that makes it even more robust.
Nailstrip cladding can enhance energy efficiency by providing an additional layer of insulation to the building. This helps in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling.
The installation time for Nailstrip cladding in Melbourne varies depending on project size and complexity. Our skilled installers prioritise efficiency without compromising quality, ensuring a timely completion of your project.
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