Transforming Spaces with Architectural Cladding Mastery

Transforming Spaces with Architectural Cladding Mastery

Architectural Cladding Melbourne

Are you looking forward to changing the look and feel of your property? If yes, your search ends with us at Claddco., where we supply and install architectural cladding in Melbourne. With strong, modern, and non-combustible metal cladding solutions, we can help you uplift the look of your space in no time. We hold 20+ years of experience, making us a renowned and preferred team for architectural cladding. By using the best quality and our specialists’ excellent skills, we install cladding on the exteriors of your space, ensuring it looks stunning and stands the test of time. Our cladding profile includes:
Since every property is different, so are its aesthetic requirements. Discover cladding options with us that enhance and complement your space’s architectural features. Get in touch with us, so we help you improve your property’s curb appeal properly. Call us today!

The Claddco. Difference

100% Australian Owned & Operated

20+ Years Experience

Full Supply & Installation


Efficient & Reliable

Quick Turnaround Times

25 Years Material Guarantee

7 Years of Workmanship Guarantee

Wide Product Range

Our Cladding Profiles

Melbourne's Choice for Sustainable Architectural Cladding

As a leading supplier and installer of architectural cladding in Melbourne, we bring much experience in cladding solutions that will give your property a modern look suitable for all architectural styles. Along with protecting your space, the right architectural cladding solutions are a barrier against myriad atmospheric forces. Our dedication to prioritising sustainability is reflected in our selection of materials curated to ensure high quality and meet all your cladding solution needs. Keeping durability in mind, we source our materials from:
From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, we offer a wide range of versatile architectural cladding solutions. Our team of experts specialises in providing top-notch supply and installation solutions, all tailored to your requirements and property’s specifications. With Claddco., you will not only enhance the basic appearance of your property but also give it an aesthetic spin while adding a protective layer. So, choose us for your next cladding project and experience the best blend of style, functionality, and sustainability.


Our Projects

Innovative Architectural Cladding Solutions for Modern Spaces

Everyone wants to add a modern touch to their property and to cater to that, Claddco. has the best solution – architectural cladding in Melbourne. Crafted with precision, our cladding specialists offer innovative architectural cladding solutions tailored to your preferences. Whether you want to choose a symmetrical style cladding or something that calls for low maintenance, we have all the modern and trending cladding options to suit your needs. Our specialists’ years of experience are a testament to our dedication to A-grade craftsmanship and creative architectural cladding offerings. If you want quality, modern design and an experienced team of cladding specialists, we are your match!
We understand the evolving importance of contemporary architectural wall cladding options, so we offer bespoke solutions that will aesthetically uplift the look of your space.
By keeping innovation, durability and high quality at our core, we will carry out cladding installation whilst demonstrating quality workmanship. So, choose Claddco. and experience the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. Let’s connect and know what your cladding preferences are.

Transform Your Space with Melbourne's Best Architectural Cladding Specialists

Enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal with Claddco., your premium cladding supplier and installer. With an experienced team of specialists and dedication to serve only perfection, we are renowned for offering the best architectural cladding in Melbourne. Our skilled team ensures a seamless and visually pleasing finish to your property’s exteriors. With the perfect blend of cladding expertise and creativity, we will leave your property looking modern and beautiful.
With a full supply and installation process, we are your trusted and reliable cladding solution provider. Also, apart from delivering you cutting-edge cladding solutions, we offer 7 years of craftsmanship and 25 years of material guarantee. Not only that, but our team of architectural wall cladding specialists also focuses on quick turnaround times. So, if quality, modern design, and high functionality are what you are looking for, with Claddco., you will have all of it under one roof. Let’s connect to know the possibilities of transforming your space; call us today!


Yes! Cladding solutions offered by Claddco. not only enhances the look and feel of a property but also acts as a barrier to weather conditions. Call us today to get a better understanding.
Definitely! We have a team of experienced specialists who know how to customise cladding solutions. When we consult, we take note of your preferences, so we offer customised design ideas that suit your needs and uplift your space, too.
Alucobond cladding from Claddco comes with a 25-year material warranty, so it will look great on your home for many years to come.
At Claddco, we offer 25 years of guarantee, which stand robust and long-lasting. The long-lasting protection of your structure is ensured by the durable materials and superb craftsmanship of the cladding, which can withstand severe weather conditions. All you have to do is trim branches and give them regular cleanings. That's all necessary to maintain the cladding's excellent appearance and functionality.
At Claddco, here are the materials we use that come with a guarantee of 25 years.
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