Transform your spaces with our well-crafted Colorbond Cladding

Transform your spaces with our well-crafted Colorbond Cladding

Colorbond Cladding Melbourne

Colorbond cladding is an excellent walling alternative to add character to your building. It comes in many profiles and colours, so you can personalise it however you like. Be it a home, office, or an industry, Colorbond cladding can offer many benefits:

If you think your home will do better with Colorbond cladding installation, you can entrust it with our experts at Claddco. We are Melbourne’s favourite metal cladding supplier and installer with over 20 years of experience.

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Revamp Your Property with Elegant Colorbond Wall Cladding

Colorbond cladding is best suited for renovation projects, offering a cost-effective solution that can change the face of any building with minimal effort. Its exceptional spanning capability allows us to maximise the efficiency of your building’s structural framing, offering a streamlined and modern aesthetic. In addition to its structural benefits, Colorbond cladding offers impressive resistance to paint chipping, peeling and flaking. Due to these attributes, your property will enjoy a longer life performance.
Should you wish to have Colorbond installed for your property, you have a wide variety of choices to choose from. It comes in 22 core colours, including 6 in premium matt: Bluegum, Gully, Shale Grey, Wallaby, Basalt, Ironstone, and many more.
Check out our projects to see how appealing Colorbond cladding can be. And when you are ready, call us at 0433 502 819 to discuss your goals for your property renovation. We will help you find a cladding model closest to your vision.


Our Projects

Durable Option for Commercial & Residential Spaces

Colorbond is a great cladding material for both residential and commercial as well as renovation and new build. Its five-layer protection technology is engineered to shield against Australia’s challenging weather conditions. As a result, you get long-lasting durability.
Here are some other built-in technologies of Colorbond:
When combined, these technologies ensure a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. However, we recognise that you may have more specific concerns. Feel free to reach out to us for personalised assistance.

Melbourne’s Top-Rated Colorbond Cladding
Suppliers & Installers

Making a choice is the most difficult of all. Once you have made up your mind, everything that follows becomes simple. You find a supplier, an installer, and a technician if you find any issues along the way. Interestingly, you can make this process even simpler by choosing Claddco. — a one-stop solution for everything.
First, we source your chosen Colorbond wall cladding from reputed suppliers in Australia, ensuring top-notch materials. Then, we install the sourced product on the exterior of your property in the most professional manner possible. Lastly, we offer a 25-year material guarantee and a 7-year workmanship guarantee, which means we make amends if you are to find any issues with our materials or workmanship (which is rare) after the installation.
In a nutshell, we are here for all your cladding needs.


Colorbond comes in 22 core colours, some of which are:
  • Dover White
  • Surfmist
  • Evening Haze
  • Dune
  • Paperbark
  • Woodland Grey
  • Night Sky
One of the stand-out features of Colorbond cladding is its durability. On average, it is expected to last for at least 40 to 50 years. With better care and maintenance, it can even extend up to 70 years.
Colorbond is a low-maintenance cladding alternative. However, basic care, such as periodic cleaning, is always essential. It helps remove dirt and dust settled on the surface. For this, you can use any mild detergent.

If you live in a high-traffic area, it’s better to clean it twice a year. Otherwise, you can do it whenever you need it.
Yes. Colorbond is suitable for residential, retail, and industrial buildings. It is versatile enough to serve any setting. If you’d like to explore the options, you can reach out to our Claddco team.
Of course, Colorbond cladding can be customised to complement and enhance specific architectural styles. With a variety of colours, profiles, and finishes available, it offers flexibility to achieve the desired look for any building design in Melbourne.
Colorbond is considered cost-effective from various angles. Whether it’s the economical installation, long-term durability, low maintenance, or energy efficiency benefits, Colorbond stands as an affordable cladding solution compared to some of its other alternatives.
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